Vision boarding has really taken off.  Lately, it seems like all my friends have been having or going to vision board parties. Last October, one of my friends told me that she makes a vision board every year. I’d never made one (but somehow over the years had managed to buy all the supplies with the intent of making one) so I asked if we could have a mini vision board party. It took a couple of meetings and several glasses of wine but we finished! Here’s a picture of my masterpiece, complete with a pink and gold bejeweled border!

LQY's 2015 Vision Board

Obviously “Becoming a Great Photographer” isn’t on the board.

As you can hopefully see, I have all kinds of things on my  2015 vision board. Pretty much every area of my life is touched. I want to travel more so there are 3D stickers (I told you that I’d been collecting supplies for years, right? ) of some of the places that I would like to visit. I love cooking and pairing drinks with what I cook so I have pictures and stickers reflecting that passion. Like most people, I want to get back in shape so there’s a picture of a strong, athletic woman looking awesome. The phrases “Year of Fierce”. “Be Bold” and “Win At Life” are self-explanatory. I’m the President for my local Wellesley College alumnae club so that sticker represents my commitment to increasing the reach and general awesomeness of the Club. Finally the seemingly random smiling woman in the upper right-hand corner represents my commitment to defining and pursuing happiness in my life. So there you have it: My very pink and ambitious board. I have to admit that it took quite a bit of positive self talking to allow myself to think about and put down what I really wanted; to allow myself to think and then believe that it’s all possible and THEN to share it with the world. Yikes! But hey, I can’t tell you to do something that I’m not willing to do myself. Besides, when I post an entry from Paris, you’ll know why! :-)

So what do you need to make your own vision board? It depends on how simple or fancy you want to make it. You really only need a piece of paper or posterboard, pictures (usually from old magazines), and glue. You can make it fancier by adding stickers or actual photos. However, the most important thing is to be clear about what YOU want, not what you think you should want. The vision board is a visual representation of the life that you want. Don’t make one that represents a life that you don’t want to have. Be true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let others dissuade you. It’s your life and you have to live it; might as well make it one that you love!

What’s on your vision board? If you’re feeling brave, share a picture of it!

Up next: Taking your vision to the next level, turning your dreams  into goals, and being held accountable by your Goal Group!

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