One of my favorite sayings is “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.” But what about dulling your own sparkle? Most of us do it. We don’t take credit when we do something. We downplay our achievements. We respond to compliments with a putdown of ourselves. Why do we do it? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to seem like we’re bragging. Maybe it’s because we think our accomplishments aren’t as impressive as others’. For me, it was that I didn’t want to seem like a braggart. The crazy thing was that I would then get annoyed when I wasn’t promoted or when my supervisors didn’t recognize my successes. However, it’s not just me. Let me tell you the story of a client who we’ll call Sarah.


Sarah is an accomplished marketing manager. She’s had many major successes in her short career. Through her marketing efforts, she’s greatly improved her company’s profits and membership rates. Yet when it came time for me to write her LinkedIn profile, she wanted to downplay what she’d accomplished. Well, that certainly wasn’t going to happen with me as her official Horn Tooter. Nope. Not today. So, I suggested we change her prospective. I told her to start thinking of herself as she would think about a new product for her company. The objective was the very similar. She wanted people to “buy” what she was selling. As I told her, she  wouldn’t simply put a sign in the window promoting the company’s new product or service and expect to make much of an impact, would she? I know she wouldn’t. I wrote her resume. I knew she was a marketing champ. She agreed to step outside of her comfort zone and to promote and claim her accomplishments. It was time to stop dulling her sparkle. It was time for her to shine!


In your job search, you want employers to choose you for an interview out of the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of applicants that applied for the position. So you have to promote yourself, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable. It may be uncomfortable but it’s necessary. It’s all about making an impact and promoting your personal brand (more on that in future posts!). If you are a Marketing Maven like Sarah, you want to let the world know that. Being the go-to in your company and industry will present you with more opportunities to advance and maybe even change your career. Take control. Accept the acclaim. And Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle! Not even you!


So, what’s keeping you from promoting yourself and achievements?

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